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Combining chiropractic care with the additional support and care of a doula can both optimize outcomes and get mother and baby started as smoothly as possible on their journey. Chiropractic care is available prenatally as well as for your newborn.

Dr. Kelsey Lloyd from Traditionally Healthy Chiropractic serves the needs of the women and community of Everyday Miracles. Her passion, experience and knowledge allow them to use the age-old traditions of healthcare while adding the benefits of science. 

She is a graduate of Northwest Health Science University. During her internship and residency she sought out extra opportunities to increase her knowledge in the areas of nutrition pediatrics and unique changes that happens with a pregnant and postpartum woman's body.

Dr. Lloyd has also taken extra training in the area of athletic rehabilitation protocols and kinisio taping. As a young mother, she fully understands the stresses that go with going to school, working and raising a child. Because of this experience, she is especially passionate about helping other mothers through challenging times.

CREDENTIALS: Doctor of Chiropractic, Webster certified, RockTape certified, ICPA candidate.

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