We are thrilled to offer a wide range of classes for birthing and new families at two locations: Everyday Miracles (Northeast Minneapolis) and Regions Hospital (Downtown St. Paul). Our class offerings change from time to time, for the most updated list, schedule and pricing, or to register for a class, please visit our schedule page.

Get empowered with a Childbirth Class you and your support person will LOVE! A ‘flipped classroom’ approach for you busy, independent learners. The Evidence Based Birth®️ (EB Birth) Childbirth Class series includes two in-person classes at Everyday Miracles to practice your labor skills; Five weeks of online videos for you and your partner to watch together; Four Zoom classes as a group each week with mentorship from your EB Birth Instructor(s) to dive deeper into the material. Learn about evidence based care, comfort measures, and advocacy. Your series includes a printed workbook; BONUS access to Breastfeeding and newborn care videos; and Earn points throughout the class to redeem for prizes at the end! Due to limited class size and material cost, only one discounted rate per session available after minimum registrations reached.

Pricing: The Evidence Based Birth®️ Childbirth Class has three tiers of pricing with early-bird discounts available for early registration. Class limited to 6. Registration closes 10 days prior to start to order/ship class materials.

  • Basic Package class series and workbook plus 3-months access to EB Birth Parent Website

  • Premium Package class series and workbook plus 6-months access to EB Birth Parent Website and one Calming Blend Essential Oil Rollerball

  • Deluxe Package class series and workbook plus 6-months access to EB Birth Parent Website, one Calming Blend Rollerball, one set of Affirmation Cards; and an additional private, 1-Hour Zoom call for use Pre Or Postnatal (choose your topic: birth letter review, breastfeeding education or assistance or core&pelvic floor education/exercises.


The Lamaze Childbirth Education series at Everyday Miracles is rooted in the best medical evidence available on how to promote a safe and healthy birth. Over four weeks and twelve hours, families will learn what to expect as well as understand their choices during pregnancy and birth. We create a warm, welcoming environment for all families to learn how to give birth and begin parenting with confidence. For those that prefer a one-day option, we also offer a crash course which, is inspired by the Lamaze series. Learn more about the Lamaze philosophy at

Pricing: For the Lamaze Series: $195. If taken at Everyday Miracles, the class is 100 percent covered by a verified Medical Assistance plan. If taken at Regions Hospital, the class is discounted to $50. For the Lamaze Crash Course: If taken at Everyday Miracles, the class is 100 percent covered by a verified Medical Assistance plan. If taken at Regions Hospital, the class is discounted to $25.


These workshops are typically between 90 minutes to two hours in length. Choose the topic and focus that you are most interested in learning more about. Great for new parents or veteran parents who are looking for a refresher on specific information.

Pricing: $25 or 100 percent covered by a verified Medicaid insurance plan. (Everyday Miracles) or $35 or $10 for those with a verified Medicaid insurance plan (Regions Hospital)

Labor & Birth Basics 1: This class will cover the nuts and bolts of labor and birth. You will learn about the stages of labor, hormones involved in the labor and birth process, and basic birth mechanics. Registration includes a support person, should you choose to bring one (they are welcome and encouraged, but not required!). *Class is also offered in Somali and Spanish

Labor & Birth Basics 2: This class builds on the information presented in Labor & Birth Basics I. We will cover common pain medications and interventions that you may encounter during birth, so that you can make the most informed decisions possible. You will also learn about different comfort measures (positions, massage techniques and tools) to help support you during your birth journey. Because this class covers both medical/pharmacological interventions AND non-medical coping strategies, it's an appropriate and informative class to take no matter what kind of birth you are planning for. *Class is also offered in Somali and Spanish

Planning Your Best Birth: Not sure where to start when coming up with your birth preferences? Join us as we go over all the different options you have surrounding your birth and creating your personalized birth guide. This class will help bring clarity to your doula meetings, or your personal process, as you go over scenarios, comfort measures, interventions and other important options for birth and immediate postpartum.

Birth Toolbox: Preparation and tools can help you have a more empowered birth. This class will teach families some of our favorite doula "tricks and tools" to support your birth including breathing practices, massage techniques, positions and more. A very hands-on interactive class that is appropriate for families planning an unmedicated birth AND those open to medication.

Planning an Unmedicated Birth: Participating in any intense physical event - whether it's a marathon or giving birth - requires planning and preparation. If your goal is to give birth without medication, this is the class for you! We will focus on practical strategies and tools to support your plan to birth with minimal interventions. We recommend taking this class early in your pregnancy, but you are welcome to attend at any point during your pregnancy or even while planning a pregnancy.

Birth Refresh: Preparing for a second (or third or fourth, etc) baby and need a refresher childbirth ed course to get you up to speed this time around? Our Refresher course is perfect for you. This 90-minute class will help you refocus and remember what to expect for the birth and postpartum of your child. We'll also spend some time discussing sibling preparation to prepare this time for the whole family. This class is not a comprehensive childbirth education course, but a great starting point to which additional Everyday Miracles classes you may want to take to prepare for your birth.

Mindful Birth Basics: This workshop integrates elements of traditional yoga and meditation practices, mindfulness-based stress reduction and childbirth preparation, to help birthing parents cultivate a regular practice, learn practical skills for coping in labor, cultivate a sense of calm, build confidence, and enhance bonding with baby in pregnancy and beyond.

When Birth Becomes Complicated: Sometimes birth involves a little more then we’d aim for. Come and learn about some of the complications that can happen during birth. This class will empower you to take these turns fully educated and prepared. We’ll cover some of the more common digressions that can happen in birth. These include Inductions, Stalled Labor, Assisted Delivery, and Cesarean/Surgical Births. All topics will be covered in a positive and practical attitude to fully equip all attendants for their birth.

Postpartum Basics: This period is sometimes referred to as "the fourth trimester." It's an important, but sometimes overlooked, period of time in the pregnancy year. Learn about what to expect physically and emotionally, as well as how to best care for yourself during weeks and months following the birth of your baby.

Newborn Basics: This class will discuss newborn behaviors to help parents decipher the different cries of their newborn. It also touches on the different cues -sleep, hunger and fullness.

Breastfeeding - Starting Off Right: Learn how to get breastfeeding off to the best start! In this comprehensive class, we will discuss how breastfeeding works as well as how to make it as comfortable and effective from the first latch. Families will also learn how to create a strong support system to help them meet their own breastfeeding goals. Your registration includes a support person, should you choose to bring one (they are welcome and encouraged, but not required!).

Breastfeeding - Beyond the Basics: This class is designed to help give you support and information to help successfully maintain breastfeeding. Beyond the basics, this class will focus on troubleshooting common issues, supplementing, pumping, maintaining your supply and when to seek out help, and resources available.


Spinning Babies® Parent Class highlights your baby's active role in birth and helps you gain confidence to cope with the unknowns of labor. During labor, baby needs to pass through "Three Levels" of the pelvis. Learn techniques that help your pelvis and it's muscles that support-or restrict- your pelvic "levels". Together, you and your birth partner can use these techniques before and during labor to help "make room for baby"! Spinning Babies reveals how baby can find optimal positions for labor, and make birth less painful, and even pleasurable. The practical information you'll learn in this class can help provide comfort in pregnancy, ease in birth, and confidence in support roles for the partner. Wear comfortable clothes. Printed materials and a PDF ebook are included in the class. *This class is for expectant parents only. Birth professionals are referred to the Spinning Babies Workshop.

Pricing: $100. A limited number of spots are available in each class session for $25 for anyone with a verified Medicaid insurance plan.


Prenatal Yoga:
Pregnancy is the perfect time to begin or continue a yoga practice. Regular practice can help keep the body strong and flexible and alleviate many common discomforts of pregnancy, encourage bonding with baby, help cultivate focus and mindfulness that will help you through challenges and transitions of pregnancy, birth and parenthood and give you community and support of other birthing parents.
Pricing: $12 per class or 100 percent covered with a verified Medicaid insurance plan.

Baby and Me Yoga: This fun class is a great way to bond with baby, get back into your yoga practice or begin one. This practice includes baby massage, songs; as well as yoga and conditioning. A very relaxed format, parents should feel free to feed baby by breast or bottle, change diapers, or attend to baby as needed. Parents should be at at least six to eight weeks postpartum (and have their provider's permission to return to physical activity). Class is best suited for babies ages six weeks up to crawling.
Pricing: $10 per class. Clients who have a Medicaid insurance plan can attend at the discounted price of $5. Please contact us to request a discount code.

* Childcare is available for yoga and some of our childbirth education classes held at Everyday Miracles. Care is held at a nearby health club, Cost is $2.50 per child for a two-hour time span. If you are interested, please contact the Childcare Coordinator at