Hello! Thank you for filling out  a request for doula support! We look forward to working with you. 

1) Please carefully review the information below and 2) After reading, complete the form below to confirm your interest. We are unable to proceed with placement without your response and additional information.


1) Clients will make every effort to attend classes at Everyday Miracles: Due to Medicaid billing structure and guidelines, our program is set up with the understanding that clients will have six contacts with a doula. Some of these will be one-on-one with your individual doula. However, these doula visits are supplemented by our group classes, led by one of our certified doulas. We ask that you attend these classes, even if you have attended childbirth education elsewhere. The classes are not a requirement for our clients.  However, due to the high degree of commitment that being on call 24/7 requires, our certified doulas take a limited number of clients per month.  Attendance is one of the factors that we use when making doula placements, and is a factor our doulas consider when reviewing new clients. Priority may be given to clients committed to classes.

There is no out-of-pocket cost to you to attend. We offer a wide range of topics that are great for first-time or seasoned parents. In addition to childbirth education, you may choose to take prenatal yoga, breastfeeding or specialty classes (topics vary). 

Please look at our class schedule, register for classes, and then complete the form below to confirm your interest in working with a doula.

The links to the class schedule will give you more information about what kinds of classes we have, and when they are offered.

2) Clients will be responsive to communication from Everyday Miracles and their doula. They will call their doula when they are in labor, so that they can be present at your birth.  We believe deeply in the value of doula support, and ensuring its accessibility to all families. We also greatly value our doulas and the hard work they do. While our doulas are passionate about supporting clients, doula work is also their livelihood; not being called to a birth they made themselves available for is lost income. By submitting the form below, you are confirming your interest in our program. You are saying that you have every intention of having our doula present at your birth. If you change your mind about doula support, you will let your doula know ASAP so they can open their availability to other clients.

3) Clients will meet with their doula and complete intake paperwork to confirm their placement. Your doula will hold a spot around your birthing time on her calendar once this step is completedPlease check out this page for more information on working with a doula.

If you would prefer not to proceed with being placed with a doula, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we may take you off our list.


Name *
Estimated Due Date (NOT your date of birth!) *
Estimated Due Date (NOT your date of birth!)
Please note, enter your estimated due date NOT YOUR DATE OF BIRTH!
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Program Requirements: I have read over the doula program guidelines and client expectations. *
As detailed above, your availability to attend classes/prenatal visits at Everyday Miracles, while not required, will increase your chances for being placed with a doula. Do you plan to attend classes at Everyday Miracles? *
Please describe the classes you plan to attend, If you do NOT plan to attend, please help us understand what your specific barriers to attending are.
Please tell us more about yourself and your hopes for a doula. Note: while we do all we can to honor your preferences, placement is often largely based on doula availability around your birthing time. Requests made later in pregnancy are always harder to accommodate. Things to consider: Do you prefer a doula that aligns with your cultural, ethnic or gender identity, a doula that speaks your primary language or shares your faith practices, if one is available? You may also make suggestions for doulas that you feel you may work well with based on personality or interests. Please note, our doulas are all fully trained, but have varying levels and areas of experience. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A GENERAL REQUEST FOR AN "EXPERIENCED DOULA." Instead, share what specific skills are most important to you, or personalty types you tend to work well with. The more information you include about yourself as a person and your hopes for your birth, the easier it will be for us to make a placement that will be a good fit. (Note: If you already included much of this information in your original request, you can also specify that here, no need to include it again).
Doula Placement *
I understand that, while Everyday Miracles will make every attempt to take my birth preferences into account, placement is largely based on doula availability around my birthing time. My placement may not exactly reflect my preferences.
Language Needs *
We try to place clients with a doula that speaks their primary language, when possible. However, this is often not possible due to limited availability. If your primary language is something other than English, are you able to work with an English-only speaking doula?
Client Responsibility *
Everyday Miracles will inform me If I am placed with a doula, using the contact information I have given on this form. Once placed, it is my responsibility as a client to communicate with and be responsive to my doula. The doula will hold a spot on their client calendar and be on call for my birth once we have met in person and have completed intake paperwork. I will work with my doula to schedule this intake appointment in a timely manner, and understand that this must happen before my doula placement is confirmed. I commit to maintaining communication with my doula throughout my pregnancy.
Change in Services *
If I choose NOT to have doula support at my birth for any reason, I will contact my doula OR The Everyday Miracles Doula Coordinator as soon as possible, prior to the 37-week mark of my pregnancy.