Everyday Miracles is thrilled to partner with HCMC-Hennepin Health Care Hennepin County Medical Center to offer on-call doula support to birthing families.

Beginning in September 2019, patients will be be able to request a doula to support them during labor and birth. If one is available, a doula will provide support and encouragement for the birthing person (and their partner or family members if present). While they are not a medical provider, a doula can make suggestions for comfort and coping during labor including helpful positions, breathing and relaxation techniques. If you are birthing at HCMC, talk to your provider about having doula support at your birth.

Note: As an on-call program, we cannot guarantee a doula will be available during your specific birth. If you want more comprehensive doula support that includes prenatal and postpartum visits with your doula, check out our Core Program (families with Medicaid insurance) or Karma Program (families with private or commercial insurance)