Thank you for your interest in our Karma Doula Programs, including the Karma Doula Collaborative. We are excited to work with you and look forward to talking with soon.  Check out our doula profiles here.

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It is helpful to have some idea of your budget, so please enter a number (even if it is not definite). The average cost of a birth doula package in the Twin Cities is about $800. Our package prices will vary depending on the doula's experience. Our Karma Doula Collaborative, and some individual doulas, also offer an income-based sliding scale rate. Packages typically range between $400-900. A word on doula fees: We believe deeply in the value of doula support, and ensuring its accessibility to all families. We also greatly value doulas. Professional doula work is highly demanding, requires a high degree of commitment, and we believe it should be compensated fairly. Please thoughtfully consider the value of doula support to you, your income, and your ability to support a fair price that benefits the entire mission of Everyday Miracles.
Tell us what you are looking for in a birth doula, and what kind of person you feel would best support you in your hopes and preferences for birth.
Private insurance is any plan that is not received as a benefit through the state of Minnesota based on income. These are plans through an employer or purchased privately. Those with a Medicaid plan should make their request under "Requests/Referrals" instead of completing this form.
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This form is for those who have insurance through an employer, or purchased individually. I understand that if I have a Medicaid insurance plan, I am eligible for the Core Program and to receive a doula at no -out-of-pocket cost. To request a doula through the Core Program I should NOT fill out this form, and instead go to the REQUESTS/REFERRALS page.
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