We believe everyone can benefit from doula care, quality childbirth education, access to great wellness practitioners and loving support. That is why ALL our classes and services are available to everyone in the community. Doula support is available on a sliding-scale fee based on income. 

Our Karma Doula Programs connect Everyday Miracles doulas with those looking for doulas, but do not qualify for our Everyday Miracles Core Program(Note: If you have a Medicaid insurance plan, please visit our Requests Page for more information about our Core Doula Program).

Why work with Everyday Miracles?

  • A whole community of support: We have a host of qualified, competent doulas  who are part of a larger community of birth professionals. That means you have access to a whole network of resources to make sure you have all the support and information you need throughout your pregnancy.
  • Access to great education and classes: We have a wide range of childbirth, breastfeeding and newborn classes, prenatal yoga and more. Karma Doula Clients get exclusive discounts on our offerings. We focus on evidence-based information and a judgement-free space to help you prepare for pregnancy, birth and beyond.
  • Giving Back:  As a nonprofit that has been serving mothers and families since 2003, we are committed to improving birth in communities who are at a high risk for poor outcomes. Simply by choosing to work with us, you are helping provide doula support, education and more to families who would not otherwise have access  - creating a more compassionate, equitable community. All our doulas have made a commitment to working with low-income families, and your support ensures we can continue to do this good, important work.  We know that healthy babies and parents make for healthier families. And healthier families make for stronger communities. As we like to say. peace on earth begins at birth.”

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