Our Karma Doula Programs connect Everyday Miracles doulas with those looking for doulas, but do not qualify for our Everyday Miracles Core Program.  We believe everyone can benefit from doula care, quality childbirth education, access to great wellness practitioners and loving support. That is why ALL our classes and services are available to everyone in the community.

When you hire an Everyday Miracles doula through our Karma Programs, a meaningful percentage will come back to Everyday Miracles. You will not only have all the benefits of doula support, you will also feel good knowing that your money is helping fund our programs;  giving underserved mothers access to valuable services and supports. Families working with our Karma Doula Program receive additional benefits such as discounted yoga classes and childbirth education, and the opportunity to be part of a vibrant, supportive community.

We have a few different models of doula support that clients can work with.  We offer a sliding-scale rate, based on income. Please inquire for more information. Learn more about an exciting pilot program. The Karma Doula Collaborative. 



If you have any other questions about working with a doula, please call 612-353-6293 or contact our Doula Coordinator.