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The Karma Doula Collaborative is a group of Everyday Miracles doulas that work as a team to serve all birthing families. Clients have the opportunity to choose a primary doula, while benefiting from the experience of the entire group.

As a group, we believe that peaceful and healthy beginnings translate to healthy and happy lives. By providing quality one-on-one doula support as well group prenatal and education services, we aim to empower families to make well-informed decisions during birth and beyond.  

A program of  Everyday Miracles, The Karma Doula Collaborative is focused on ensuring that all birthing parents have access to doula support, while at the same time ensuring doulas have sustainable working conditions. As a client, you'll receive many benefits for choosing to work with the collaborative:

  • 24/7 phone and text support throughout your pregnancy.
  • 100% confidence that your birth will be attended by a doula you know.
  • Access to the skills and experiences of five doulas instead of one
  • We offer group prenatal meetings, which provide a community network and additional educational opportunities
  • In addition to group prenatal meetings, we also meet one-on-one with families to discuss private information and birth preferences.

The Karma Doula Collaborative Doulas are:

  • Abby
  • Anneke
  • Carolin
  • Rachel
  • Ruth



The Karma Doula Collaborative works with all expecting parents. We partner with Everyday Miracles to ensure accessible pricing plans. Our doula package includes full childbirth doula support during labor and delivery and up to six prenatal and postpartum meeting sessions. 

By working with the Karma Doula Collaborative, you are ensuring that every family has access to doulas and education, while also receiving comprehensive support for your own birth.

Pricing: All Karma Doula Collaborative services are 100 percent covered by Medicaid insurance plans (no out-of-pocket costs). For those with private insurance plans (insurance through an employer or purchased privately) we offer a sliding-scale rate, based on income. Please inquire for more information.


If you are a doula interested in learning more about joining the Karma Doula Collaborative, please email karmadoulas@everyday-miracles.org and we will send you more information.