Working with Everyday Miracles
Thanks for your interest in referring a client to Everyday Miracles! While our team works very hard to support clients and make doula support accessible, working with a doula will require motivation, time and effort on the client's part as well. Birth doulas are trained professionals that give a high degree of commitment to be available for their clients including being on call 24/7 for several weeks at a time, as well as committing to prenatal and postpartum visits. As such, clients who get must be willing to active partners with their doulas. When they request a doula they are committing to: 

  • Being responsive to communication from Everyday Miracles and the doula, and staying in touch  with the doula throughout your pregnancy.

  • Arriving at scheduled meetings in a timely manner, canceling if  unable to attend with reasonable notice (at least 12 hours).

  • Having a doula present at your birth  and calling your  doula when you go into labor. (Note: If you change your mind about doula support, you should let the doula know ASAP and  well before by 37 weeks).

  • While not required, placement preference will be given to clients who are committed to attending classes at  Everyday Miracles, located in Northeast Minneapolis.

Note: Doulas support births of ALL kinds, including births in a hospital, home or birth center,  births  attended by midwives and doctors, births with or without medication/epidurals, Cesarean births and everything in between!

Do you have questions about our program or these expectations? Please contact us!