Shamsa, Prenatal Education (Somali):  Born and raised in Somali, Shamsa's professional background is as a nurse  and midwife -- caring for mothers through pregnancy and birth; and educating them about prenatal care, nutrition, immunizations and infant health. She  was the recipient of a scholarship to  study in Rome about infant nutrition.  She has also worked as a Family Educator, educating families about nutrition and healthy eating habits. After the Civil War in Somali in 1991, Shamsa resided in Kenya before coming to the United States.  Building on her strong background in women's and children's health, Shamsa no works for Way to Grow, which focuses on promoting the well being of the family as a whole. In addition to teaching classes at Everyday Miracles, Shamsa also serves the community as one of our Birth Doulas. Shamsa says, "My journey in life is to teach those who cannot teach themselves and hopefully create a community in which all parents have the equal rights to education, health, and the safety that they deserve."

Charlie, Breastfeeding and Babywearing: Charlie is DONA-Certified Doula, a Lamaze-Certified Childbirth Educator, Certificated Lactation Educator-Counselor and mother of two. She believes childbirth is much more than a medical event- it has the potential to be one of the most joyous and transformative experiences in a woman’s life, one she will always remember. She believes that no matter what choices a woman makes during her birthing process, she deserves to be supported with compassion, skill, authenticity and respect. Active in the Twin Cities birth community, Charlie is on the board of The Childbirth Collective. She is happy to be among the teachers at Everyday Miracles, serving the mothers and babies in our community.

Cheyenne, Prenatal Yoga: In addition to her work as a Doula, Cheyenne teaches prenatal yoga at Everyday Miracles each week. Cheyenne has a background in athletics and sports growing up, and adopted a personal yoga and meditation practice in college. After five years on her own winding yoga journey, she completed her Prenatal Yoga Instructor Certificate at Blooma Yoga in Minneapolis in 2015. Teaching yoga has felt like warm socks straight out of the dryer; Cheyenne loves connecting with others through movement and helping  people find their inner strength, wisdom, and capacity for joy. Cheyenne's prenatal yoga classes are open to all levels, from those with no yoga experience whatsoever to expert yogis. Cheyenne believes that birth and movement have the most intimate connection. Learning to listen to your body through yoga - when to sink deeper into a pose, or when to soften in a challenging pose - can prepare you listen to your body in birth as well.