If you have a state-funded (Medicaid) insurance plan, fill out the form below to receive a discount code to use when signing up for classes.  Note: the name entered below must match what is listed on your insurance card exactly, in order for us to verify you plan. Once your insurance coverage is verified, you will be sent a code to use when booking.  

Those with private insurance are welcome to register and attend any of our classes, however fees must be paid out-of-pocket.

If you have already been been matched with a doula, or you have received confirmation of your doula request, you should have already received a discount code. Please look back at any correspondence you have received to see if you have the code you need before making an additional request. 

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Birthing Parent's Date of Birth
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If you are interested in the Lamaze Series or Crash Course, you will have the opportunity to request a personalized code.
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Please tell us more about you found us, or ask any questions here. Specify which insurance, health care provider or community agency referred you to us, what search terms you used if you found us on-line, or more information, if you selected other. If you are interested in a specialty workshop, please specify the title of the class you are interested in. Thank you for your help!