Volunteers are always needed and appreciated. Apply to volunteer with Everyday Miracles! We can use help in many aspects including administrative, organization, event facilitation and more.

We also offer internship positions for those studying in a related field. While positions are unpaid, we can help support you if you are taking for school credit. We will also work with you to gain relevant experience and skills that will help build your resume as you begin your chosen career path.

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If you are interested in working with as as a doula, please complete that application, found under CONTACT.
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If you answered yes, please include the NUMBER OF HOURS you are seeking for school credit. Note, our typical internship length is at least 300 hours.
Specifically professional or educational background and/or personal interest in birth and non-profits.
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Intern candidates should also email a copy of their resume to hello@everyday-miracles.org
Please include the FULL NAME, email address and phone number of at least two references you are acquainted with academically or professionally, as well as what your connection with them is.
Add notes from the above questions if needed. Tell us more about your skills and interests. We have many needs that could use some help within our organization, whether you are a grant-writing expert, graphic designer, or a handy person.