Considering working with Everyday Miracles? Read on to learn more about how it works.

Q: Who does Everyday Miracles work with?
A: Everyday Miracles is contracted to provide doula services, childbirth education and more to those with a Medicaid health plan. This includes those with Straight Medical Assistance or State-funded plans through Blue Plus, Health Partners and Medica.

Q: Do Everyday Miracles Doulas get paid for their work?
A: YES! Our doulas are paid for the work they do. We pay our doulas based on what we can bill for. Final invoice fee is based on how many visits a client has, but the average payment per client is between $200-300. *Due to recently passed legislation in the state of Minnesota, the doula reimbursement rate and doula pay will be increased as of January 2020. More details will be announced as they are available.

Q: Isn't this rate lower than what private doulas are typically paid?
A: The range of compensation for private doulas varies with time and experience. As a non-profit, we have limitations that have been placed upon us. These are based on decisions made when "The Doula Bill" went into effect in 2014. We pay doulas the bulk of what we are able to bill for through insurance, and keep a minimal amount to help cover administrative costs.

Q: What is the reimbursement rate for doula services through the state of Minnesota?
A: The reimbursement rate, which is set by the state, is $411 for six visits plus attendance at the birth. If the client has less than six visits, we are paid less than that. The amount paid to the doula reflects the number of visits we are able to bill for. *Due to recently passed legislation in the state of Minnesota, the doula reimbursement rate will be increased as of January 2020. More details will be announced as they are available.

Q: Are Everyday Miracles Doulas expected to do six visits with every client?
A: We aim for clients to have six visits with an Everyday Miracles doula (this encompasses visits done prenatally and postpartum), plus having the doula attend the birth. We also strongly encourage every client to attend classes, which count as a visit date to help get to six. The doula is not required to attend classes with clients for these to count as a visit. We have weekly prenatal yoga, childbirth education in two languages and more. Every client is different, so some will have the ability to attend classes and some will not.

Q: What is the approximate timeline for payment?
A: This can vary greatly, depending on how long it takes for Everyday Miracles to receive payment from insurance companies. We pay doulas as soon as we do. Timeline usually falls between 30-90 days after invoice submission. This timeframe can be longer or shorter, based on payment by insurance companies.

Q: Where does Everyday Miracles support births?
A: Our doulas work at every hospital in the metro area, though we most commonly have clients birthing in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. We also get referrals for clients birthing at birth centers, and occasionally, at home births.

Q: Are doulas considered employees of Everyday Miracles? Are there any non-compete rules that doulas are bound by?
A: No. Doulas are brought on as independent contractors. We do not prohibit doulas from working with other doula programs (for example, hospital programs), or from working with their own private clients.

Q: How many clients do Everyday Miracles doulas work with per month?
A: This depends on the doula. We ask that our doulas accept at least four clients per calendar year. How doulas choose to space those clients within the year is completely up to them.

Q: How are doulas referred clients?
A: Doulas set their availability and profile (which areas of town they prefer to work within, populations they are most interested in working with and any other parameters they choose to share). Referrals are presented for review to each doula by the Doula Coordinator, who will make every effort to present clients for review that fall into those set guidelines. When reviewing a client, the doula will typically know the client’s estimated birthing time, address, chosen birth place, age, and any additional details/requests that has been shared with Everyday Miracles. We ask that doulas accept or pass on referrals within 24 hours so that the Coordinator can place her elsewhere as soon as possible.

Q: What happens after I accept a client?
A: Once a doula accepts a referral, we expect that the relationship and process will be similar to that of a private client. You will make yourself available for prenatal visits, plan to be available for the birth, arrange backup. In addition, you will continue to encourage the client to attend as many classes as possible (the office/admin staff will do this as well). If clients have needs outside your scope as doula, we can help assist you with additional resources to connect them with. You will attend their birth and do at least one postpartum visit. There is some required paperwork (data collection, participation forms, evaluations) that doulas are responsible for collecting and should be turned in with your invoice.

Q: Tell me about backup.
A: We require doulas to have backup in place for every client. Your backup doula must also be contracted with Everyday Miracles. Typically our doulas find backup through our private Facebook group or email list. If unable to find backup, the Doula Coordinator will make every effort to assist you. If your backup attends the birth in your place, she will be paid for the birth and you will be compensated for the visits you do prenatally and postpartum.

Q: In addition to supporting births, what else do you require of your doulas?
A: We ask that you make every effort to attend doula meetings (every other month), fundraising events (a few throughout the year), stay in touch with the Doula Coordinator, and volunteer at events occasionally. We also ask you to be willing to provide backup for your fellow doulas as needed, as you are able.

Q: What qualifications do Everyday Miracles Doulas need?
A: Doulas must hold a current certification in one of the qualifying programs recognized by the State of Minnesota to work with Medicaid clients. These programs are listed here.

Q: Anything else?
A: Doulas must also be on The Minnesota State Doula Registry. The cost to be added to the registry is $136 for a period of three years. If a doula is not already on the registry, Everyday Miracles will coordinate the administrative work of adding a doula to the registry and pay 50% of the fees. If  a doula continues to work with us, Everyday Miracles will pay the renewal fee in full after three years.

Q: What additional benefits and support do you offer your doulas?
A: As a non-profit, we occasionally get training scholarships or discount opportunities that we share with our doulas. Our doula meetings typically include continuing education or learning opportunities. We have a Karma Doula Program, marketed to clients that do not qualify for our program. We refer our doulas to those looking to hire a private doula for their birth. In addition, we recommend our doulas for additional services, such as placenta encapsulation, postpartum care or breastfeeding support. You’ll have the chance to work within a supportive community of wonderful doulas and childbirth educators, and to network with our community partners.

Q: What if I am not certified, but want to work with Everyday Miracles?
A: As we are only able to bill for work done by certified doulas, doulas must be certified. For those that are interested in attending births pro bono, you can participate in our doula internship while working towards certification. You can also volunteer at events, provide administrative assistance at our office or offer professional services in your area of expertise.