We look forward to processing your request as quickly and efficiently as possible. In order to help us do this, please scroll down to read the eligibility requirements for each kind of request BEFORE clicking either request button below.

At this time, we are only accepting new doula referrals for clients birthing  September 10, 2018 and beyond. Our Doula Collaborative has some availability for clients birthing in mid-July and beyond who can commit to attending group prenatal visits at Everyday Miracles. If you have any questions, please contact



We are able to refer car seats to those with the state-funded insurance plans listed below. We are not able to fulfill requests for anyone with Straight Medical Assistance or private insurance plans.

  • Blue Plus*

  • Health Partners

  • UCare

STEPS TO GET A CAR SEAT: 1.  Fill out request form. 2.  We process your request. 3. A car seat technician will call you to schedule a time to deliver the seat and provide one-on-one safety education. 

More on Car Seats:  You can be confident knowing that every car seat that we provide is brand new and has never been used. It will be delivered by a Car Seat Technician, who will deliver the seat to your house, instruct you how to safely use it, and how to properly install it into your car.

While every insurance company provides a slightly different model of seat, all companies provide a convertible style car seat, meant for children newborn to thirty pounds. There are no insurance companies that provide an infant carrier/bucket style seat. 

If you are requesting a seat for a newborn (or soon-to-be born) baby, you will receive a convertible car seat, which may resemble the one pictured (it will not be the seat pictured, this is meant to be representative of the type of seat only). This seat is rear facing for infants, and can transition to a forward facing seat after the age two. The seats are safe for babies who are at least five pounds. You may also request a car seat for older children. Insurance plans typically provide a seat for children up to age eight. Please note: With an insurance-provided seat, it is not possible to request a specific style or color of seat.  Car seat deliveries may take up to three weeks after initial referral and deliveries are scheduled according to estimated due date of the baby.

*Blue Plus Clients:
Blue Plus will not approve car seat requests for pregnant clients until they are seven months pregnant. You may still put in your request prior to that point; however please know this will directly affect the timing of receiving your seat. Once your seat request is approved, you will receive an email or call from our Car Seat Coordinator to let you know that your request has been received, and will be held until further action can be taken.



Our Core Doula Program is for expecting mamas with state-sponsored insurance from the programs listed below. 

  • Blue Plus

  • HealthPartners

  • Hennepin Health

  • UCare

  • Straight Medical Assistance

STEPS TO GET A DOULA: 1. Fill out the request/referral form 2. You will get a message or phone call with next steps. Responsiveness to communication from Everyday Miracles will directly affect the timing of your placement.

DOULA PLACEMENT PROCESS: Our doula profiles may be seen here.  If you have a request for specific doula or suggestions of ones you feel may be a good fit, we are happy to check with their availability for your birthing time. However, as a small nonprofit, we do not have the capacity for clients to interview several doulas, then select one from that process. Your placement will be determined by your response to the preferences form,  your attendance at classes, and doula availability.

Those that are 32 weeks pregnant or more seeking a doula are particularly difficult to match.  In these cases, please first contact the doula coordinator to check availability BEFORE submitting your request.

Those with private insurance plans, please see our Karma Doula Programs.


We are able to fulfill breast pump requests for those with HealthPartners, both state-funded and private insurance plans and state-funded UCare plans. The standard pump you can received is the Medela Pump in Style Advanced (brand new). If you prefer a different model, you may request one (add this note to the additional comments section of your request form). There will be an additional cost. This cost varies with pump model. 

STEPS TO REQUEST A BREAST PUMP: 1.  Fill out our referral form 2. Have your health care provider fax a prescription to our office at 612-353-6437.


If you have any questions about a car seat requests, please email Abby Peters
If you have any questions about doula requests, please email Melissa Gutierrez Nelson
If you have questions about breast pump requests, please email Debby Prudhomme.